About Jade Fitzpatrick

Jade is your dedicated guide through the intricate journey of the moving process in South West London. With over 13 years of experience, Jade has navigated the dynamic real estate landscape, collaborating with various independent agents in Clapham, Balham, Battersea, Streatham & Tooting.

In an exciting twist, Jade has recently chosen to focus exclusively on the vibrant community of Battersea and its surroundings. Why? Because she is passionate about offering a personalized touch, providing my clients with undivided attention and unwavering transparency. Picture having a dedicated ally at your fingertips, ready to ease the stress of your home transition with swift, accessible support.

Beyond the realm of real estate, Jade's world revolves around socializing with friends and family, fueled by a burning desire to check off Singapore from her travel bucket list. Music has been her companion for over a decade, with the piano being her instrument of choice. Fitness is a non-negotiable part of Jade's routine, where she enthusiastically partake in invigorating sessions with JPT fitness—a local gem for those who, like her, prefer the thrill of a group workout over the monotony of the gym.

If you're in search of an agent who is not just a professional guide but a genuine companion in your journey, reach out to Jade. together, you can make your moving experience extraordinary. Jade is always ready to bring her passion, honesty, and hard work to every step of your adventure.

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